About Vargas XR

Vargas XR is a Sole Proprietorship
Owned by Senior Programmer/Developer Steve Vargas

What Skills Are Offered?: I am highly skilled in C# and Unity, Xcode and SWIFT, PHP, MySQL, FireBase and Matterport 3D. All levels of Web Development.  I am skilled in AR Development in Unity Vuforia, and I am currently working on Multiplayer Network technologies. My pursuits are threefold.

  • I am currently creating XR for all of the major app stores.
  • I am creating apps for various business uses including Real Estate and Medical .
  • I enjoy doing contract work including Web Development.

Full Stack Developer: I have been a programmer since 1995 and I am considered a Full Stack Developer. There is a favorite quote about what a Full Stack Web Developer is and does.
“A full-stack developer has all the keys to the house — there is no door that you can not open.”
There are a wide variety of programming techniques and development tools. Choosing the best methodology and tools while knowing when and where to use them is imperative.

Indy Unity Developer with Advanced Skill Best Practice In C# Programming: I have a two VR games one named Pier Storm is in the Google Play Store and is compatible with Gear VR and Google Day Dream.  Pier Storm is a first person running game. All objects in the scenes are created randomly in code. The Game Play is never the same twice.  This game  is the first of  VR App release from Vargas XR.
Coming Soon to Google Play!The next release I am working on is a humorous first person VR shooter game entitled Paranormal Pork Rinds.  So far in prototyping it is entertaining and hilarious to play! Paranormal Pork Rinds

Further Development continues into Mutliplayer/Multiuser in XR.  There is a project for the Medical field that I am currently storyboarding.

Definition of a Unity Developer:
A Unity developer is a software developer experienced with the Unity platform. This is a programming platform commonly used for producing things like video games. Unity developers perform many duties that are comparable to those of computer programmers. They work as part of a program team and use program design plans to develop applications and software. They may participate in designing products and producing program code for those designs. Their responsibilities also include the evaluation of programming code and the performance of the applications and software produced. Unity developers identify any problems with the products and work on correcting the code to optimize the product’s performance. They also ensure that the programs or applications they work on will function effectively with different operating systems.


Apple Developer: Currently has 2 titles in the iStore. The first app is called “Restaurant Visit” and is an entertaining app that is to be used while enjoying yourself at your favorite eateries.  Another app is titled “Silver Spot Check” and an app that links tracks the New York Spot price and gives the current price of Silver, Gold, Palladium and Platinum. Both apps are written in Swift 3.2.  I have am a Swift/XCode Developer.  My current project using AR Kit.  ARKit (Apple ARKit) is Apple’s augmented reality (AR) development platform for iOS mobile devices.

Web and Interactive Skills Outside of XR Development

JavaScript Programmer: Produced a multitude of Interactive projects using advanced techniques in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS.

HTML5/CSS3: Produced a multitude of beautiful intuitive applications using advanced techniques in Web 2.0. SVR  is well versed in Responsive Web Design and Interactive programming using Rich Media.
IOS and Android Mobile App Development: Vargas Media Interactive is currently developing several titles for the App Store and GooglePlay for release in Summer 2017.

MySQL/ PHP Programmer: Skilled at DataBase CRUD
(create, read, update and delete) and high end PHP programming. I have produced projects using advanced MySql/Php techniques while maintaining focus on UX and UI.

Animate CC:  Produced a multitude of projects including Kiosks, Games and Education Software using advanced techniques in HTML5 as well as AS3.

WordPress Developer: Well versed in custom WordPress including writing unique child themes, custom plugins and widgets.  If your web site is something that is making you revenue you can’t think in terms of “good enough” I currently work at a company  where I have been able to double their online sales.  I work at a high level regarding SEO and understand what it means to convert views into sales.

eCommerce Solutions:  Black belt level Stripe and WooCommerce developer. Proven success in creating Web Sites and Mobile Apps with Integrated Shopping Carts and eCommerce. I write custom plugins for Woocommerce where needed.  I can set up your store in a way that you understand it and add or edit as many of your products you wish.

Audio Editing:  I  have a strong skill and instinctive ear for professional media editing. We have been able to deliver high end audio to professional recording companies including world known Blind Pig Records.

Video Production: Strong skills and experience in video creation and editing. Authored a multitude of video content for various companies and projects.

Optimization: Strong practical and educational foundation in optimizing Web and Multimedia Software production methods. Knowledgeable on Google Analytics and SEO.


Fire Safety Supply: Currently full time Developer of Interactive and Web Based applications at Fire Safety Supply in Santa Rosa CA. I have double internet sales over the last two years for FSS. And continue to create interactive software for this company.

Vargas Media: Producer, Senior Programmer and Owner of Vargas Media. Owner of Vargas Media since 1995.

Custom Contractor Bid Creator App: Using HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript and PHP,  Steve Vargas created an online Application for the iPad that allows contractors to create electronic Bids. The application has finite details in its item selection, custom pricing, drop down menus and includes many VERY INTUITIVE features that make creating and printing out a bid for any contractor a breeze! The final out put of the bid is emailed, to you, your client and a PDF is created on the fly for you to print out and get signed by your clients! A custom application built just for your needs is affordable and will cut hours off your day with the tedious task of hand writing out bids and contracts.

Charles Schulz Museum:  Using ActionScript and the Flash Authoring environment, Steve Vargas created an Interactive Kiosk for the “Charles Schulz Museum” entitled “Our Universe” This Kiosk focuses on Astronomy and is intended to educate people on our Solar System and All the Planets of our “known” Universe. There is a mulitiude of stunning graphics from the Hubble Space Craft included in this application.. The Kiosk is located in Santa Rosa CA and will remain at the Charles Schulz Museum until the end of Janurary 2011. In February of 2011 the Kiosk will be part of the Charles Schulz traveling museum and will travel nation wide over the course of the next 5 years!

MetaSwitch: I created 12 Flash Tutorials for CommPortal Web 2. The tutorials are used by MetaSwitches clients to learn all the features and functionality of this awesome product. I large amount of graphics where created and a lot of “”to the millisecond” synchronization  was needed to complete this product.

Final Cut Productions Inc.: I wrote all code for a customized password protected Web Site. Using PHP and Flash VM wrote a custom application that allows users to register their contact information and create a password. The password is then written to a database in which Flash then communicates with to allow or deny access to the site.

Widgets Campaign: Created and new interface and added a feature that allows the user to click on a custom shopping bag icon that links to a custom shopping cart. The widget was written using Flash 4 (AS 3) and allows for full customization by the user – including the widget creators name, job title, email, shopping cart url and video.

Unfinished Business Band: Created music web site for rock band “Unfinished Business”. Site includes a photo gallery created with Flash and XML.

The Talent House SF: Did all programming for a Flash Web Site for  “The Talent House SF. There are a couple very unique navigation methods used for this site.

Evil Twins Motorcycle Club: Did all programming and development for Flash Web Site – Site includes a PHP photo viewer and some cool animation: http://www.eviltwinsmc.com/

Correct Direct Marketing: Programmed and developed a Flash Web Site that included a PHP form that runs from within Flash. Correct Direct Inc. is located in Sacramento CA.

Where You There?: Created an interactive randomized banner for  Each panel links to an associated URL.

Monarch Productions Hollywood: Created a complete Web Site in Flash for the fund raising of Major Motion Pictures. This Web Site is used by investors interested in investing in major motions pictures that include actors such as Danny DeVito, Brad Pitt, Russell Crow and Jack Nicholson.  This high-end Flash site includes security features such as, a timeout feature, password protection feature, print screen blocker and printer encryption method. There has been an ongoing task of addling FLV and linked media with background preload methods that allow this site to load up extremely fast and function flawlessly. Investors are only allowed to visit this site under guidance of the owner but at your request, you may contact Monarch Productions as a reference for Vargas Media.

Coldwell Banker: Senior Flash Programmer and Web Developer for New Jersey Coldwell Banker Web Site. Vargas Media was also hired to update 50 plus eCards for various Coldwell Banker companies, including, Long Island, St. Luis, San Diego, New Jersey and Connecticut.

National Pod: Created and embedded FLV (Flash Video) into an image of a laptop for the National Pod home page. Using the Flash authoring environment and ActionScript, VM created custom controls for a video that appeared skewed to fit the screen of a laptop. The video controllers where created using ActionScript and the FLV video appeared seamless and embedded in an obscure shape by using advanced Flash authoring techniques.

Sun Micro Systems: Senior Flash Programmer for online Activities. Vargas Media did all programming for several interactive training applications for Sun Micro Systems. The activities where based on using drag and drop, multiple choice and quiz features to test the user on previously read material. These applications where used as part of a series of training content for Sun Micro System employees.

IntelliTools: Programmer. I was hired fulltime as 1 of 2 programmers to work on “IntelliTools Classroom Suite” The project development started in April of 2007 and ended in June of 2007.

Description: IntelliTools Classroom Suite conforms to the principles of universal design for learning—multiple means of representation, expression, and engagement—to help students who are struggling with challenging concepts in math, reading, and writing.

The tools incorporate multimedia modeling, animation, and auditory support to assist students with challenging concepts. They take advantage of the infinite patience of the computer to provide as much time and practice as each student needs.

IntelliTools Classroom Suite supports the different ways students become engaged and motivated, whether through speech feedback, larger text, or the use of color. Students also benefit from instant natural feedback, and teachers can keep track of student progress.

Care Givers Delivers: Senior Programmer and web developer including content creation for Medical Marijuana company “Care Givers Delivers”. Steve created all graphics, content and designed a custom interface for CGD in Adobe Flash.  Due to the controversial nature of this web site the current site as been closed but I do have samples of the site just email

Silver Mountain Publishing: Senior Programmer. Redeveloped and updated all Lingo code and performed extensive post production task for 3 children’s educational CD’s: Writing is No Mystery, What Rhymes and Whistlin Sam.

Vivendi Universal Games: Senior Programmer for CD ROM for promoting VUG’s latest games. This CD ROM was handed out as promotional CD ROM for Vivendi Universal Games at the Las Vegas Interactive Conference in the spring of 2005. It had a custom built multilingual feature that allowed the user to change the complete CD ROM content (buttons, text and PDF links) into English, Spanish, German, Chinese and Italian. The language feature did this on the fly with a custom built pull-down menu I created.

EHS Center: Created all form pages and registration pages using CGI and PERL for http://www.ehscenter.org/ All registration forms where submitted via CGI to the owner of EHS Center’s mail box.

Benjamin Moore: Senior Programmer: Created a CD ROM that would allow painting contractors to create their own custom flyers and advertisements for major print on the fly. This CD ROM was a great project, extremely Lingo intensive and complex but completely intuitive on the users end. I wrote a feature the saved and re-imported settings on the CD from external files that where written on the fly as the user used the CD. In other words multi-sessions can be saved and updated at all times and where text driven from external files. Upon starting the CD ROM it would go directly to the last flyer you created or the very part you last left off before you quit the CD ROM – everything saved everything dynamic. VERY COOL!

North light Communications: Lead programmer for several Enhanced CD’s for Sign2Me baby. Wrote custom “Closed Captioning” (CC) feature that allows hearing impaired users to use the program effortlessly. All programming and Enhanced CD mastering performed by Vargas Media. This ECD is available for retail through Sign2Me baby and is a part of their product line.

Blind Pig Records: Producer and Lead Programmer for  both “The Tommy Castro Band” and “Popa Chubby” Enhanced CD’s. Vargas Media completed several cross platform Enhanced CD’s for this labels talented artist. All Blind Pig ECD’s are available in record stores nationwide or by visiting the “Blind Pig Records” web site. Blind Pig Records are GOOD people, be sure to visit their site!

STAYTE: Lead programmer and Enhanced CD Developer for L.A. rock band STAYTE. Keep an eye out for this Enhanced CD in the fall of 2003 and visit their web site at www.stayte.com

Bluebonnet Technologies: Lead Programmer for training CD ROM entitled “Surfing through Internet Explorer and Outlook Express” This CD ROM is a very thorough example of a complete Multimedia training course and is a comprehensive guide on how to use Explorer, Outlook Express and the Internet for fun and business. It is targeted for new users and uses a light hearted humorous approach that serves the purpose of keeping people entertained while they learn.

MPI: Vargas Media assisted in creating a state of the art Kiosk that is being used in Merriwest Banks. The interface was created using Director and Web Xtras.

Coldwell Banker: Lead Programmer for the “Bodega Bay” CD ROM. This CD ROM not only takes you through the area of  Bodega Bay California, but also describes some of the history of the area. Complete with “Arial View” videos that where taken from a Helicopter, professional male and female narration and a clever interface, this presentation is the closest thing to visiting the area of Bodega Bay.

Sonoma County Humane Society: Vargas created an interactive Live CD ROM that was used as a hand out for Sonoma County residents. The CD “sniffed out” an Internet connection upon start up. If the CD found that the use was connected to the Internet the CD would seamlessly be enhanced by providing Web Content, if the CD did not find an Internet connection, the user was able to minimize the screen and was instructed to connect to the Internet. In the event that an Internet connection wasn’t available at all, the CD was provided with enhanced content within the application to ensure the users experience was still entertaining and informative. The CD’s purpose was to raise money for a new facility in Sonoma County. I was proud to be a part of the effort to raise money for Sonoma County’s Humane Society’s new facility. The fund raiser was a success, they opened up a huge facility and are up and running!

Palo Alto Joes: Fine Italian Restaurant.  Created this Web Site in collaboration with PixelPot Studios. The site is complete with beautiful graphics, easy to use interface and a CGI feature that allows users to place reservations.

MusicFan.com:  In 2000 MusicFan.com quickly became one of the most comprehensive Enhanced CD and DVD databases on the Internet. VM created all graphics, CGI and Database features on this site.

Aston Group Inc: Lead Programmer for the “Business Strategy Powered by Technology” CD ROM. This application used complex nested menu’s that where created in Macromedia’s Flash. Vargas wrote the programming and devised the logic that allowed communication between 2 applications. Both applications sent and received messages to allow each menu item to be highly efficient. Each item on the menu called up several different types of media externally and internally in the application including MPEG Video, PDF Files, HTML page and Word Documents.

Foxxdance Productions: Lead Programmer for all current CD ROM projects. Client list includes Informix, Cloudscape, Media360, Ardent, Isell, Apple and SF Interactive. Since August 2000 Vargas Media has provided Foxxdance with cutting edge Multimedia programming. Foxxdance Productions is a complete Video Production company and is located in San Rafael California.

Institute of Chemical Toxicology: – Wayne State University – Michigan: Lingo Programmer for 25 interactive online laboratory experiments using Shockwave technology. Along with computer graphic artist Jennifer Ortwine, Vargas Media completed the “Cyber School House” project. This project was ongoing from February 2000 till November 2000. The project enables grade school children to do complete online Chemistry test and enhances learning with hands on interactive experiments.

Kirk Wicks Graphics: Lead Programmer for Adobe PageMaker Tutorial. This interactive presentation was included on Adobe PageMaker’s 6.5 CD ROM. Kirk Wicks devised an ingenious interface for this CD ROM. With Kirks instruction, Vargas Media was able to put together a very memorable easy to use application for Adobe Page Maker users.

Safer Seas: Senior Lingo and CGI Programmer for US Coast Guard Auxilary. Lead developer for “Boating Basics.” “Boating Basics” was released December 15th 1999. Over 21/2 hours of Video and Audio is on this CD ROM program took 4 months to complete.

Majico: Lingo Programmer for “Compass Learning Center’s” CD ROM. This presentation focused on familiarizing students with the “Compass Learning Center’s” Educational System.

SFO Airporter Web Site: Rebuilt web site for bus company SFO Airporter. The SFO Airporter web site assist people with information regarding transportation around the San Francisco Airport and is used to check up to date bus schedules and Convention information.

Japanese Translators Web Site: With the help of computer graphic artist Jennifer Ortwine, Vargas Media built the web site japanesetranslators.com. This Web Site has a beautiful interface and is enhanced with a Japanese Translation plug-in feature. Upon browsing to a HTML page that was written in Japanese, code was written to search and if necessary install the  “Japanese Language Translator” plug-in. If the “JLT” software is not found the user is prompted to download the plug-in, a process that takes about 30 seconds depending on connection speed. When the “JLT” plug-in is installed pages on the Web Site that are written in Japanese are displayed correctly.

Safer Seas: Senior Lingo and CGI Programmer for WAMI disc. This is a Hybrid CD ROM with a custom built embedded Web Browser. Vargas Media wrote all code for this demo CD that was created for Marine product company “West Marine.” Programmatically this project has an interesting backbone, all interactivity interacts and is driven by a stagnant web site. All audio and video are played off the CD ROM, while the interface and all code associated with it, are directly linked and dependent on the Internet.

Itzcotech Ltd. Israel: Lead Lingo and CGI programmer for EgoBooster software (toy). Release of this software was Auust 1999. This was a humorous product that is being used on the Internet as a novelty item. EgoBooster has a built in security feature that directly prevents users to use the product or associated wave files without purchase. The security feature was written completely in Lingo and Perl.

Japanese American Historical Society: Final production “Children of the Camps” CD for cross-platform functionality. Wrote code for interactive history lesson.

E Motion Studios: Final production including Lingo programming and synchronization for a “Sybase Corporation” CD ROM and Global Centers interactive company CD ROM.

Pineapple: Lingo Programmer Cross platform Lingo programming of interactive games. Web integration, Shockwave development and online database maintenance. Clients include “The American Greeting Card Company”. All work handled through virtual office.

Sky Rocket: Lingo Programmer Designed Engine for 3D Walkthrough using mPeg movies

Mondo Media Title: Lingo Shockwave Programmer Programmed Passive/Aggressive, an interactive shockwave game for MSN. This program featured 2 characters in battle – Ghandi vs. Godzilla. The user had an option to play against the each other or the computer.

Infoship, Singapore: Media Integrator and Artist Designed a demo for a software company in Singapore. The demo was used as an example of a completed presentation using the Infoship software. InfoShip software shipped in the fall of 2000.

Presentation Works: Lingo Programmer Programmed a typing test for the 911-dispatch unit at the Sonoma County Police Department.

OMTI, San Francisco: Lingo Programmer Programmed CD Rom title “English As A Second Language”. The project dealt with a lot of synchronizing animation with audio, using Sound Edit 16 and Director. Title was released in the fall of 1996.

Interactive Media San Francisco: Lingo Programming I worked as a free-lance programmer for Interactive Media on a project for Xerox Corporation.

ISL, San Francisco: Digital Video Producer Worked several times on small contracts digitizing and editing video and audio for corporate presentations, according to the needs of ISL’s clients.

Red Sky Interactive, San Francisco: Lingo Programmer I have worked on several Director presentations in both Windows and Macintosh environments. My service to R.S.I. consisted of, Lingo programming as well as art and text layout. Client information under non-disclosure agreement.

QTrain Corporation, Oakland CA.: Digital Audio Editor and Interactive Designer Working with “state of the art” equipment from Audio Media, I have extensively created and edited large sound files for the use in many personal education and corporate training CD ROMs. All the projects are produced out of my home office on the Pentium 100 PC and a IIci Macintosh computer installed with an Audio Media II sound card and Digidesign’s, Sound Designer II version 2.8 software. I work simultaneously with both machines, playing the presentation on the PC while editing online, with the Macintosh. Most of the sound files I have recorded from DAT machines to hard disk, are between 600 and 1000 megabytes in size, which has given me a lot of hands on experience working with audio for CD ROM production. I worked on a contract basis with Qtrain for one full year, as an interactive designer and was very active with every aspect of their CD Rom production.

Amazing Media, San Anselmo, CA: Title: Programmer of Interactive Screen Plays Implemented extensive code for Interplay’s CD ROM game entitled, “Mummy”, using custom Symantec C++ compilers, Macromedia Director and X objects. Programmed all navigational code for children’s CD ROM game entitled, “Field Trip to the Airport” for worldwide CD ROM publisher, Grolier. Prepared prototype CD ROM game for Mindscape entitled, “Aftermath”.